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Links to Other Resources:

For general resources such as food, clothing, low cost medical options, day care, etc. The 211 Information and Referral Line is an excellent resource.

For assistance with finding employment, applying for unemployment, food stamps, WIC, public assistance, etc. please go to your local Department of Workforce Services office:

Vocational Rehabilitation:">

The VINE Program "Victim Information and Notification Everyday"
Is a resource for anyone to check or receive updates on the status of an inmate (you may also set up contact for immediate updates for any change of status): Unfortunately, the municipal courts are not set up to the VINE system yet.
Local inmate information, Salt Lake County Jail:

UT State Court Information:

Legal Aid Society of SLC:

Workplace Safety:

For Family and Friends of domestic violence victims:

Suicide Survivors:">

National Suicide Hotline:

Crisis Line 801-261-1442 or 801-581-2137
Teen Crisis Line 801-565-7475


Disabled/Vulnerable Adults:">
Deaf/Hard of Hearing:

The Sego Lily Center for the Abused Deaf (SLCAD)

Teen Dating Abuse:">

UT Crime Victim Reparations (If approved, it can take several months until CVR issues a payment):
(801) 238-2360 or 1(800)621-7444

Cyber Crimes:

Help for the Mentally Ill & Family Members:">

The Utah Legislature:"/font>












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